Explore Our Classes:

Our hands-on, interactive courses offer a unique opportunity for students to explore the world of animation and movie production while unleashing their creativity and developing essential skills.


  • Dive into the captivating world of Claymation, where students bring characters to life through sculpting and stop-motion techniques.
  • Learn the principles of animation, from storyboarding to character voices.
  • Create your own short film using clay characters.
  • Check out an example animation video students will make in class[Link to Video].

2-D Animation:

  • Unleash your artistic talents in our 2-D Animation class, where drawings come alive on screen.
  • Master animation principles and techniques.
  • Create a unique short film, handling all aspects from character design to story narration.
  • Check out an example animation video students will create in class[Link to Video].

Movie Production:

  • Step into the world of movie magic with our Movie Production class.
  • Set up professional sets, work with green screens, and learn the art of film editing.
  • Dive into the exciting process of creating and directing your own mini-movie.